Pritzker family tree

Pritzker family tree

J.B. Pritzker’s family tree

Pritzker family tree

J.B. Pritzker’s family tree


Jacob Pritzker (1831–1896) and Sophia Schwarzman (1850–1910)
Nicholas Pritzker (1871–1956), Jewish immigrant from Kiev, founder of Pritzker & Pritzker law firm in Chicago and a cousin of the existentialist philosopher Lev Shestov (Schwartzman),[9] married Annie P. Cohn
Harry Nicholas Pritzker (1893–1957), lawyer at Pritzker and Pritzker law firm, married Elna Stone
Richard S. Pritzker (1944–2015), married Lori Hart
Joanne Pritzker (1946–1955)
Abram Nicholas Pritzker (1896–1986), patriarch of family business enterprise, married Fanny Doppelt
Jay Pritzker (1922–1999), co-founder of Hyatt, philanthropist, founder of the Pritzker Prize. Married Marian “Cindy” Friend
Nancy Pritzker (1948–1972)
Thomas Pritzker (born 1950), chief executive of The Pritzker Organization, married Margot Marshall
John Pritzker (born 1953)
Daniel Pritzker (born 1959), founder, guitarist and songwriter for the band Sonia Dada, and documentary filmmaker, married Karen Edensword
Jean (Gigi) Pritzker (born 1962), filmmaker, married Michael Pucker
Robert Pritzker (1926–2011), founder of Marmon Group and philanthropist, married to Audrey Gilbert, Irene Dryburgh, and Mayari Sargent
Jennifer N. Pritzker (born James, 1950), Colonel (Ret), Illinois Army National Guard, founder of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library[10][11]
Linda Pritzker (born 1953), Tibetan Buddhist lama, author
Karen Pritzker (born 1958), married Michael Vlock
Matthew Pritzker (born 1982)
Liesel Pritzker (born 1984), actress, married Ian Simmons
Donald Pritzker (1932–1972), co-founder and president of Hyatt, married Sue Sandel
Penny Pritzker (born 1959), 38th United States Secretary of Commerce, chairman and CEO of PSP Capital Partners and Artemis Real Estate Partners, 2012 national co-chair of Obama for America, former Stanford University trustee, married Bryan Traubert
Anthony Pritzker (born 1961), married Jeanne Kriser
J. B. Pritzker (born 1965), founder of Pritzker Group Venture Capital (formerly New World Ventures), co-founder of Pritzker Group, Governor of Illinois (2019–present),[12] national co-chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2008, married M.K. Muenster.
Jack Nicholas Pritzker (1904–1979), real estate developer and lawyer, married Rhoda Goldberg (1914–2007)
Nicholas J. Pritzker (born 1944), Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Hyatt Development Corporation, married Susan Stowell

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