Plankton and Karen’s Family Tree

The Plankton Family is a part of the fictional plankton family from SpongeBob SquarePants Animated Series that has been airing since 1999 on Nickelodeon. Karen Plankton is Sheldon Plankton’s wife and one of the main characters of the show.

Sheldon J. Plankton is dark green plankton and the main antagonist of the show. He is the owner of Chum Bucket, which is mostly inedible and made out of baitfish parts. Since his restaurant is a failure, his ultimate goal is to steal the Krabby Patty recipe and put Mr. Krabs, his arch-nemesis out of business. He is an evil genius and a skilful inventor. He often builds machines, to help him in his evil designs or for his personal gains. He is smaller than the rest of the characters thus often times being stepped on or flicked.

Chip Plankton II, grows up quite quickly in the span of one episode ranging from a baby, child, teenager, young adult and adult. Karen orders him

Karen Plankton 2.0 was built to replace Karen, a more sleek and upgraded version. She was eviler than Karen but was destroyed by Karen in the end, for accidentally squishing Sheldon.

Gordon Plankton looks similar to Plankton except has blue eyes, brown moustache and brown eyebrow. He wears an orange print shirt and is an insurance salesperson. He tried to get Sheldon to follow his footsteps.

Mama Plankton is a yellow slim Zooplankton that has only been featured in live-action form. She is also evil and also taught her son to be evil. She used to make destruction, chaos and screaming when Sheldon was younger. She is proud of Sheldon’s actions.

Lily Plankton she looks similar to Sheldon but she has lavender puffy hair, dentures and wears an orange polka dot dress. She lives in Shady Shoals Rest Home along with the rest of the elderly citizens. She was the first person to make and can chum. She dreams of world domination and tried to steal the Krabby Patty secret recipe once.

Grand Dad Plankton, is aged and has a grey beard and three dark dots on his head. He was eaten by a whale and assuages Sheldon’s fear of getting eaten by Pearl in his dreams.

Silas Plankton is round in shape and has two eyes, along with a bucktooth and a faint tail. He thought he was married to a piece of farming equipment.

Seymour is depicted in black and white with four arms, smoking a pipe and holding a pitchfork. He was chased out of his hometown for scheming evil and migrated to Bikini Bottom.

Basia has white hair and stooped posture. She had to run away with her husband.

Moe Bros are an amalgamation of two brothers, one wearing an orange hat and the other blue. They are microscopic in size and even Plankton uses a magnifying glass to see them.

Alvin wears a pink hat and looks familiar to his mother. He disappeared with only his hat left behind and found in a pool of ketchup.

Karen Plankton is described as a waterproof supercomputer and is the other main antagonist of the show. She was invented by Plankton when he was in grade school, assembled from a piece of calculator and masses of wires. They had dated before he became evil. She holds various jobs in Chum Bucket, a busser, cashier and chef. She showcases more competence and is focused when it comes to helping her husband steal the Krabby Patty recipe but only to fail due to Plankton himself. The two of them are quite opposites and are constantly bickering.

Fredrick is a silver vintage computer and has a black screen. His hobbies include drinking virtual English tea and his catchphrase is “I disapprove of this”. He also disapproves of his daughter’s marriage to Sheldon and believes she could have married someone more successful.

E.M.I.L.P. stands for Emergency Mother-In-Law Program. She is a computer operating system and also wears glasses. She disapproves of Karen’s marriage with Plankton and wishes her daughter had married an ATM, someone with money.

Chip I is a phone chip made by Nujira and Chip Plankton II was named after him.


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