Patrick Star’s Family Tree

Patrick Star’s Family Tree

The Star Family is a part of the fictional starfish family from SpongeBob SquarePants Animated Series that has been airing since 1999 on…

Patrick Star’s Family Tree

The Star Family is a part of the fictional starfish family from SpongeBob SquarePants Animated Series that has been airing since 1999 on Nickelodeon.

Patrick Star Family Tree

Patrick Star is one of the main characters of the show and is a coral pink starfish. He wears Bermuda pants, green with purple blossoms. He lives under a rock and is SpongeBob’s best friend. His character serves as a village idiot but does have his momentary glimpse of intelligence. He holds no serious occupation and only had brief gigs throughout the show and has mastered the ‘art of doing nothing.’

Gary the Snail is a domesticated pet and showcases similarities to a cat. He has a pink shell, blue body and light yellow underbelly. He was adopted by SpongeBob from an animal shelter and has been together ever since. He exhibited great intelligence and was seen to speak in some episodes. He was added as one of the ten main characters of the show in March 2020.

Sam Star is twice Patrick’s size and muscular. She has a ponytail fastened at the side and wears the same print as a skirt and tube top. She has an aggressive and destructive demeanour but is self-conscious and quite protective of her brother. She is also less intelligent than her brother and mostly grunts and talks like a caveman. She got lost at the sea once and only met once after that.

Herb Star is a coral pink star and wears similar pants with Patrick. He has a walrus-like grey moustache and wears an identical print shirt, just in mauve and light green. He and his wife kicked Patrick out of their house and forced him to live on his own.

Margie Star or Majorie Star is a coral pink star and wears the identical print that Patrick wears, just that its a dress. She fell in love with Herb Star at the World’s Least Exciting Sweater. Patrick took his mom to the prom.

Sluggo Star is a sea slug and the older brother to Herb Star. He is small and light purple in colour and is light green under the belly.

Billy Bob Star wears a cowboy hat and shoes. His a green starfish and has a bullet holster strapped to himself. Married Maw Tuckett.

Maw Tucket married Billy Bob Star and is Patrick’s Grandmother. She is a starfish and has a light tan colouring. She smokes a pipe and wears a green dress. She also had barnacle on her feet and invented coffee as a cure for it.

Princess Tulsa is dressed in tatters indicating that she had lost her royal status once she married Yorick.

Yorick is the royal jester and fell in love with the King’s daughter, Princess Tulsa.

Prince Callous married to Prince Dingus.

Prince Dingus married to Prince Callous.

Carl possibly adopted son of Prince Callous and Prince Dingus.

King Amoeba, who is an Amoeba and green in colour. He was also the king.

Queen Mildew is a light blue fish and has black hair. She is the queen.


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