Mochtar Riady’s family tree

Mochtar Riady also known as Lie Mo Tie started his own bike shop at the age of 22 and paved his own path to become an Indonesian financial magnate and the founder and Chairman of Lippo Group, which has an estimated worth of 8 billion in revenue. Lippo Group has ventured into retail, healthcare, real estate, media and education. He is one of the most respected business magnates in Southeast Asia and internationally recognized for his achievements. He successfully pioneered the Lippo Group and founded the Mochtar Riady Institute for Nanotechnology and Pelita Harapan University besides reinvigorating Bank Central Asia.

He has multiple Children:

Lanny Riady

Riady family 2018 (IG)

Alex Tjokrorahardjo (Cai You Hui) (born 1970s)
Avril Tjokrorahardjo (Cai Yue Ming) (born 1977)
David Tjokrorahardjo (Cai You Bang) (born 1980) married Julia Tan (Interior Designer) (source: David’s IG)
Sharon Tjokrorahardjo (Cai Xing Xiu) (born ca. 1984)

Lanny Riady and Soetekdjo Tjokrorahardjo’s family tree (Full tree)

Andrew Taufan Riady

Andrew was born in 1950s and has three known children: Howard Riady (instagram, linkedIn), Nita Riady, Michael Riady (linkedIn)

Stephen Riady

Stephan is the CEO of OUE Limited. He has a son and two daughters: Brian.

Abram Melkyzedeck and Jessica Riady (IG)

His daughter Jessica Riady married Abram Melkyzedeck Suhardiman (an executive director at Healthway Medical Corporation). Jason Mraz sang at their wedding in Jakarta. (source). Mr Suhardiman completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and holds a Masters in Finance from Hult International Business School, San Francisco.

Rosy Riady

Rosy is married to Tahir, founder of Mayapada Group.

Read about the Tahir family tree here.

James Riady

James is the deputy chairman of the Lippo Group. He has four children. Stephanie married Soebroto Djojonegoro: 3 children
Caroline married Soeharto Djojonegoro
Henry married Alexandra Yasa< /strong>
John Riady (wikipedia) married Chew Xuan Wei

Whole Riady family — Pohon keluarga Riady sampai generasi ketiga

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