Let’s all forget the virus or at least shift focus

Let’s all forget the virus or at least shift focus

— by M. Schibel

Let’s all forget the virus or at least shift focus

An anti-lockdown protest in Canada (CC0-license)

When Covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan, China, nobody expected a worldwide pandemic and crisis to happen. And nobody anticipated that it would create so many headaches.

I’m here to argue on the behalf of the 99%. Because looking at the numbers and reports, we’re in a very troubled state of mind and misconception. Although I’m privileged and don’t have much to complain about (e.g. a job, secured finances and food, freedom to move and much more), I feel the need to raise my voice.

Nobody is denying the existence of Covid-19, I don’t think it’s fabricated or that there’s any world-wide conspiracy behind it. However it is time, after more than 6 months of public coverage to realize the negative impact it has had on almost all of us.

I see how most governments (except maybe Sweden) have taken the wrong decision. Lockdowns, travel restriction, mouth-nose covers, social distancing, isolation are proven methods to curb the spread of the virus to prevent the collapse of the health system (however most health systems are not on the brink of collapse). But I don’t dare to look too closely on how many lives these restrictions have destroyed.

Almost 2 billion people have lost their livelihoods. Another billion students are affected by their educational centers being closed. Most of us are stressed and uneasy about the situation. Kids locked inside homes, people on the road unable to go home, Indian workers walked home for weeks because trains were suspended, Americans who get kicked out of their apartment, people starving and in utmost desperation and committing suicide because they drown in debt. India not letting its citizens come home. Mental health problems (depression and anxiety) are on the rise and will remain after it ends. Other urgent operations are postponed, other diseases are forgotten and ignored with dangerous consequences.

If all these pains were because of a very deadly virus, I would agree, but unfortunately they suffered in vain.

Let’s take a look, how many people actually died from it? 800,000 so far (August 2020). It is a drop in a bucket. Maybe it’s under-reported, maybe the number could’ve been much higher without these measures. Sure. To even 2 or 3 million people. Even if it would go up to 7 million. It wouldn’t justify this amount of fear and panic. It is just 0.1% of the world population, I don’t care about the 1%. Given that almost everyone has to suffer, 1% don’t justify it. Of course, you say every life should be preserved. I say not in this case, especially when we’re looking towards many more casualties due to the consequences.

I don’t care about the 1% because I care too much about the 99% with broken futures, lost livelihoods, education and personal development put on hold into a state of constant fear. And those who are actually vulnerable don’t want to be the reason everyone has to suffer.

If we really care about saving people, why don’t we first fix poverty, mal-nutrition, pollution, etc. which kills far more people than any kind of stupid virus. Just because it is contagious, doesn’t mean we should spend more resources on it than others.

The virus didn’t kill these people in Bergamo and the New York suburbs. It’s their weak immune system. Decades of unhealthy lifestyle, lungs damaged by pollution and poor health by a wrong diet. Lack of preventive care.

We should be arguing for the health of the 99% of our mostly young and healthy world population. The fact remains that almost exclusively old people and people who are sick die from Covid19. Should we try relentlessly to extend their lives for a few years but destroy the younger peoples generation for life?

Especially because we can’t stop the virus, it will always come back. Scientists are under immense pressure to create some sort of vaccine with unknown outcomes. We should embrace it and not fight it! It has put a spotlight on our imbecile leaders, which should be almost exclusively replaced once this pandemic ends. Why do we close borders, even though numbers keep increasing anyway.

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