Jusuf Kalla’s family tree

Jusuf Kalla’s family tree

Jusuf Kalla was Indonesia’s vice president two times. He was born as the second child of Hadji Kalla and Athirah.

Jusuf Kalla’s family tree

Jusuf Kalla fulfiled the role as the 10th and 12th Vice President of Indonesia, the only vice president in Indonesian history who serve for two non-consecutive sessions in the office.

Jusuf Kalla, Indonesia’s vice president two times. The second child of Hadji Kalla and Athirah. He attended Hasanuddin University in Makassar and became active in Indonesian Student Action Front which approved General Suharto attempt to obtain power from president Sukarno. In 1968, he took over his father’s tumultuous business and became the CEO of NV Hadju Kalla. Over time, he managed to grow the business and expand it into export-import trading sectors. NV Hadji Kalla is now known as Kalla Group and one of the leading groups in Indonesia.

Achmad Kalla is a private entrepreneur of the Kalla Group, and his specific fields are in the renewable energy sector, Hydro Power Plants (PLTA) and Mini hydro Power Plant (PLTM). He aspires to continue developing Indonesia using renewable energy either in the water or hydro subdivision.

Suhaeli Kalla is the chairman of Bukaka Teknik Utama Tbk which provides services for engineering, plant and road construction and etc.

Aksa Mahmud is an Indonesia businessman and politician and publically recognized as the founder of Bosowa Corp. He is 38 in the Forbes list of the 40 richest people. He was a member of the Regional Representative Council from 2004 to 2009 representing Sulawesi and currently a senior member in Golkar Party.


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