Homer Simpson’s Family Tree (Up to 8 generations!)

Homer Simpson’s Family Tree (Up to 8 generations!)

Homer Simpson, the main protagonist, portrayed as a lazy and ignorant person. He works as a low-level safety inspector at the Springfield…

Homer Simpson’s Family Tree (Up to 8 generations!)

Homer Simpson, the main protagonist, portrayed as a lazy and ignorant person. He works as a low-level safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant but is negligent of his duties. He is prone to emotional outbursts and sensitive about masculinity. He is also clueless of delicate practices and is entertained by others misfortune. Though his perpetual antics agitate his family, he loves them and goes out of his way to make them happy.

Marge Simpson is a kind and loving mom and wife. She is protective of her family and deeply cares about everyone. But occasionally showcases explosive outbursts of anger and doesn't admit her wrongdoings. She has been depicted as a killjoy and a hypocrite at times. She is a homemaker and the moralistic voice in the family. She has juggled various careers ranging from Mayor of Springfield, female bodybuilder and even founder and creator of Shapes, a gym for females.

Hugo Simpson is the conjoined twin of Bart and was separated by Dr. Hibbert. He was confined to live in the attic and fed fish heads since he was the ‘evil twin’, but the family later learned that Bart was the evil twin and thus made him switch places with Hugo.

Maggie Simpson is a baby and the only member of the Simpson family who hasn’t learned how to speak. She is closest to her mother and showcases brilliance and adaptability at a young age. She resembles Lisa and takes after her sister in many ways. She led a revolution in Day Care and saved her family numerous times unbeknownst to them.

Lisa Simpson is only 8 years old but already a member of Mensa and has an IQ of 159. She is the moral centre of the family and is alienated from her peers due to her eclectic mannerism and knowledge. She raised herself because Homer and Marge were left dealing with Bart’s antics and even changed her own diapers as a baby. The neglect has caused her to develop attention-seeking traits and a desire to be heard; thus, her need to be different.

Bart Simpson is a prankster and labelled an underachiever by authority figures, but he can perform extraordinary feats of achievement as long it is not school-related. He is a misunderstood character in the series and also showcases hidden compassion and empathy.

Abbie Simpson is the daughter of Grampa Simpson and Edwina, whom he had a brief relationship with when he was stationed in England, during World War II. She shares similar mannerism with Homer, drooling and also inherited the Simpson Gene, a defect that most of the Simpson males have.

Herbert Powell, biological son to Grampa Simpson and Gaby. They took their infant son to the Shelbyville Orphanage where the Powells later adopted him. He hasn't inherited the Simpson gene and is intelligent, charismatic and ambitious. He put himself through to Harvard by working odd jobs and founded Powell Motors.

Grampa Simpson or Abraham Jebediah “Abe” Simpson II is a World War II veteran and was later sent by Homer to the Springfield Retirement Castle by Homer. He is associated with long, scattered, and oftentimes inaccurate stories and general incompetence. In 1963 Berlin Olympics, Abe was participating in the javelin event and his throw narrowly missed Hitler, who was watching in the stands. He led a life in the Navy and fought in World War II.

Selma Bouvier is Marge’s older chain-smoking sister and has briefly dated Grampa Simpson. She has been married 5 times and has shallow standards when it comes to men. She works at the Department of Motor Vehicle and hates Homer. She adopted Ling Bouvier inherited deceased Aunt Gladys’s Iguana.

Mona Simpson left Grandpa Simpson and Homer when he was 9 because she was a wanted criminal. During the 1960s, she became involved in the hippie movement and political activism. She passed away, sitting in front of her fireplace.

Bill Simpson is one of Grampa Simpson’s brother and is a communist.

Cyrus Simpson and Grampa Simpsons were both Navy pilots in World War II, but his plane had crashed, and he was not seen for years after that. He had apparently retired in Tahiti and lives with his 15 wives.

Orville Simpson is a “professional child-beater”, and shown to have owned a disciplinary schoolhouse. He educated fathers how to punish their difficult children, and demonstrated by strangling Abe (Grampa Simpson).

Yuma Hickman migrated to America with her family from a steamboat and lived on the Statue of Liberty. They were forced to move out from there once they filled the statue’s head with too much garbage. They relocated to Springfield, which is where the current Simpson family still lives.

Sven Simpson is one of the earliest known Simpson ancestors. He looks similar to Homer but has five liver spots on his head.

Claretta Simpson or Claretta Ethridge. She looks similar to Marge but has a stout posture and shorter hair.

Rupert Simpson resembles Nelson Muntz but has a brown moustache, straightened nose and parted hair.

Winifred Running Goat is of Native American heritage and had five children with her husband.

Hiram Simpson worked for Colonel Wainwright as a sharecropper and the first husband to Mabel. He betrayed his family and told the Colonel of the whereabouts of the Salve in his shed.

Mabel Simpson divorced Hiram once learning about the betrayal and fled to Canada with Virgil daughter. She married Virgil who had proposed to her under a bridge, between the United States and Canada.

Virgil Simpson, a runaway slave of the Colonel and took his wife’s married last name (Simpson) since he had none of his own.

Abraham Simpson I, named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. He had helped Mabel and Virgil escape from the slaveholders pursuing them thus their son named after him for keepsake.

Oswald “Old Tut” J. Simpson was born in the country and traded a mule for his name. The mule later went on to save spring break.

“Happy” Simpson or “Happy” Dinsdale was an avid smoker.


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