Flintstone’s and Rubble’s Family Tree

Flintstone’s and Rubble’s Family Tree

Fred Flintstone character is based of on Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners. He is loud mouthed and constantly scheming ways to get rich…

Flintstone’s and Rubble’s Family Tree

Fred Flintstone character is based of on Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners. He is loud mouthed and constantly scheming ways to get rich quick, which places him in dire situations. He is quite impulsive and ill tempered. Even his mundane actions cause catastrophic consequences. He works as a bronto-crane operator at Slate Rock and Gravel Company. He has a serious gambling problem and is a wannabe inventor.

Wilma Flintstone is depicted as Alice Kramden from The Honeymooners. She is a strong-willed and level headed person. She often criticizes Fred for his disastrous schemes and will be emotional unhappy with her husband at times. She is a housewife and a great cook. She sold her recipe, Gravelberry Pie to Safestone supermarket chain and even started a catering business with Betty, “Bone Appetite” after Pebble grows up and moves out of teh house.

Giggles Flinstone is Fred’s uncle. He is rich and has an eccentric humor. Fred implied that Giggles is the cuckoo of the family. He once faked his death and pretended to leave his fortune to Fred but Fred had to stay overnight in his haunted mansion to get it. After scaring him, he appeared the next day and said it was all a jok which drove him upraged.

Ed Flintstone, Fred’s Pop is depicted as a vigorous and nimble old man. He is shown to be confused of modern stone age technology and out of touch a little bit. He constantly tells tall tales from his younger days.

Edna Flintstone, mother to Fred is loving and sweet mother. She coaches her son to play football and this has made his won numerous awards. She even taught Wilma how to make Fred’s favourite meal, seaweed fricassee.

Tex Hardrock is Fred’s uncle and a member of Texarock Rangers.

Ricky Slaghoople passed away when Wilma was a preteen.

Pearl Slaghoople is the widowed mother to Wilma and Fred’s mother in law whom she hates and is antagonistic towards. She looks similar to Wilma but her body built is similar to Fred’s. She disapproves of Wilma’s relationship with Fred and even suggests to Wilma to divorce him. But once when Fred becomes a rich executive for Salte and Company, she acts nice to him.

Rockbottom Flintstone is Fred’s paternal grandfather, a Stone World War I seasoned hero and flier. He disguised himself as a German soldier to rescue Mata Harrock from Baron Von Rickenrock. He also flew a Stone Age flying machine.

Zeke Flintstone is the great-great-uncle of Fred and brother of Jed. He lived until 102 and passed away when he fell down a tree and owned Sandstone Cemente. When he was younger, he looked similar to Fred and wore a pink loin-cloth with a yellow cowboy hat. He was depicted in a picture frame during his old age.

Barney Rubble’s personality was based off Ed Norton from The Honeymooners. He is more easy-going and good-natured than Fred is, and very devoted to his wife Betty. He is the voice of reason and lackey in Fred’s schemes and only does them because Fred is his friend. He is not emotional as the others including Fred and is an overall calm person. Betty declared his occupation as “top-secret”.

Betty Rubble personality was based off Trixie Norton from The Honeymooners. She is shown most of the time socializing with Wilma and bailing her husband out of trouble. She and Barney are more affectionate than the Fred and Wilma. They have pet names for each other and display obvious affection. She is quite emotional and cries easily. As a teenager, she worked as a reporter in Bedrock’s newspaper.

Bamm-Bamm Rubble is the adopted son of Betty and Barney and was found on their doorsteps. His name is inspired by him yelling “Bam-Bam’ constantly as a toddler. He possesses superhuman strength and can swing his club. As an adult, he became a mechanic and later pursued his passion as a screenwriter in Hollywood. He married Pebble, his childhood sweetheart and they had twins.

Pebbles Rubble-Flinstones is the daughter of Fred and Wilma. She is precocious and adorable. As a preteen, she was a skilful baseball player and also shared her father’s penchant getting involved in misadventures. She would drag her friends into it which will ultimately backfire and lead the, in trouble. She would eventually marry Bam-Bam and have twins with him, Chip and Roxy.

Dusty Rubble is the younger brother to Barney. He ensues mayhem and causes havoc while having fun.

Brad McBricker is a muscular caveman and wea
rs a jacket that looked similar to a varsity jacket.


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