Fletcher and Flynn Family Tree

Fletcher and Flynn Family Tree

Phineas and Ferb is an animated television show that premiered on Disney Channel, from February 1, 2008 till June 12, 2015. The show…

Fletcher and Flynn Family Tree

Phineas and Ferb is an animated television show that premiered on Disney Channel, from February 1, 2008 till June 12, 2015. The show features on Phineas and Ferb embarking on grand and unrealistic projects during their Summer Break.

Phineas Flynn is an optimist and creates large projects and activities with his brother, which is the premise of the show. The two of them together have built a roller coaster, been to space and even made their own beach. He is also quite clueless and oblivious to emotions and isn't aware of Isabella’s feelings for him fo the longest time though later she becomes his girlfriend and attends the Tri-State State College together. Though he is an even tempered person, he has had shown temper flares when he discovered Perry the Platypus lived a double live and lied to him and even yelled at Candace for being egoistical.

Candace Flynn is a 15 year old teenager and her main goal is to get her brother in trouble. Her other obssesion is Jeremy Johnson, her high school crush. She possess a obsessive and iratic behaviour but considers herself as an adult. She has benefited and enjoyed her brother’s schemes some times and has even managed to bust them in alternate realities. Once grown up, she goes to law school and presents her disertation about busting and receives a standing ovation from her professors.

Linda Flynn-Fletcher had a short stint as a pop star and released her album/single I’m Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun but later got dropped by her record label and became a one hit wonder. She still participates a Free-Form Jazz Band with the other mothers from the neighborhood. She is unaware of her sons antics and the amazing but dangerous projects they do, and does not believe Candace’s words.

Tiana Webber shares similar red hair with her sister and hot married to Bob Webber in the series. She promised Candace that she would be her bridesmaid and even entrusted the boys, Phineas and Ferb with planning her wedding. She has travelled all around the world and plans to go to the Galapagos Islands after the wedding.

Bob Webber or Captain Webber is the Head of Lake Nose. He travelled to the South American Rainforest and Mount Kiliminjaro with his spouse, Tiana Webber. He is depicted as a nice man and doesn't take his job too seriously.

Betty Jo Fylnn was a proud roller skating derby athlete during her early adult life and still compete whenever possible. She has a rematch with Hildegard Johnson her arch enemy that she lost to, but it ended in a tie. She is quite a competitive person.

Clyde Flynn hosted Camp Phineas and Ferb and lives in Danville woods. He is a great story teller and weaves tales about Bigfoot and Badbeard to teh children. He also can sing campfire songs, play the bugle and entertain the childrens.

Lorainne identitical twin sister to Betty Jo Flynn. She and her sister play a prank on the children's; once a year.

Jeremy Johnson is a laid back person and has a serene disposition. He has a crush on Candace and is a guitar player for Jeremy and the Incidentals. He also has worked at the Mr. Slushy Dawg and Mr. Slushy Burger fast-food chain.

Xavier Johnson looks similar to his Dad, Jeremy and typically does nothing, unlike Fred and Phineas. But after meeting the younger Phineas and Ferb due to time travel, he and his brother start building 5th-dimensional roller coasters.

Fred Johnson,, along with his brother, is shown as inactive and sitting in front of the digital tree doing nothing.

Amanda Johnson, she is similar to Candace’s teenage self, though she gets upset that her siblings do nothing. She pushes them to do something cool during the summer holidays. She always complains to her mother that they are not doing anything.

Ferbs Fletcher or better known as Ferb is a quite person and rarely speaks. But he has wry wit and is not afraid to speak his mind. He is talented and able to stay calm under pressure. He can speak various language including Martian and Dolphin. He is also technically and technologically proficient. He also does not show his facial expressions and rarely even smiles. He likes Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, who he will end up with 10 years later.

Lawrence Fletcher is Ferb’s biological father and is curios about history, cultures and ancient events. He works as an antique dealer and has a vast interest in world history. He has a child like personality and is quite absent minded. He is aware of Ferb’s and Phineas’s and actively encourages it. He owns teh largest collection of Pinhead memorabilia and used to be an expert fisherman.

Adrian Fletcher he always wins in soccer competitions against his brother. But is quite bad in them so his brother lets him to win. He named all his 5 sons after David Beckham and Pele.

Lucy Fletcher is quite proud of her husband for winning several soccer competition against his brother, Lawrence Fletcher.

Eliza Fletcher is quite lady like and proper. She lives in England with her family and has been trained at a young age to be reserved and elegant. But she has kn
ack for punk rock song and has a hidden aggressive side. At the request of Candace, she taught her how to be civilized to impress Jeremy.

Reginald Fletcher possess a thick Leeds accent lives next to the former castle of the Black Knight of Worcestershire. He used to be a dardevil in his youth and rode his motorbike and jumped over large and vast things such as whale, mother’s tea club and even the queen. He has quite a lot health problems in his old age such as lumbago, bad trick knee and the onest of senility.

Winnifred Fletcher but her husband call her Winnie. She has a great enthusiasm for tea and owns teh entire collection of Sherlock Holmes book series. She lives in countryside with her husband at the Fletcher Homestead.

Reginald Fletcher’s Father is long gone and only appears Reginald’s scrapbook. His name was not mentioned. He used to own a restaurant named “Fletcher & Son Fish & Chips” in England.

Reginald Fletcher’s Mother is still alive and healthy. She is a member of teh tea society and attended the Endangered Animal Benefit in Danville.

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