Family tree of Sudono Salim

The Salim family is one of the most wealthy and powerful families in Indonesia. Sudono Salim died in 2012, leaving his business to his trusted son: Anthoni Salim

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Family tree of Anthoni Salim and his siblings.

1st Generation

Sudono Salim also known as Liem Sioe Liong, was a Chinese-born Indonesian businessman. He founded Salim Group and was the chairman of the group for forty years. He left Fujian to join his brother and brother in law to diversify and grow their business in Medan, North Sumatra. He established Indofood in 1990, the country’s largest instant noodles maker.

2nd Generation

Albert Halim married Liliana D Kurniawan

Andree Halim is appointed as the Director and Vice-Chairman on the Company on 11 2003. He is also a controlling shareholder of the company and sits as the board of directors for various private entreprises.

Children: Rachel Liem Yuan Fang, Lin Kejian (Daniel Halim)

Anthoni Salim is the head of Salim group and has multiple investments in banking, food and telecommunications. He is also the CEO od Indofood, that generated $5.4 billion sales in 2019.

Mira Salim is the founding Director of Miracle Global, a trading company based in Hong Kong and distributes Indofood products in China.

Franciscus Welirang is the director of Indofood and the son-in0law of Sudono Salim. He is also listed as part of the Indofood’s board of director.

3rd Generation

Lin Kejian is the Joint Group Managing Director of QAF Group starting from 1st January 2017. He is a controlling shareholder of the company.

Axton Salim is the director of Indofood and heads the Dairy Division as well as the Corporate Marketing Division.

Alston Stephanus is a cosplayer and accessory designer for more than a decade. He started his luxury jewel label Alston Stephanus Accessories in 2005 and since then his work has gone global and even graced Indonesian celebrities and even Italian actress Tea Falco. His work has been displayed in Vogue Italia and he had also collaborated with Disney several times to create accessories such as Stars Wars.

Deynica Welirang passed away while vacationing in Singapore, and was declared to not have any history of chronic disease. She was 39 years old when she dies, 2 days after celebrating her birthday.

Albert Halim’s children:

Eric Halim, Edwin Halim, Angelica Halim and Michelle Halim

dalam usia 87 tahun
Istri : Martina Welirang – Chia
Anak — Menantu:
Johannes Welirang — Linda Welirang-Purnawan
Franciscus Welirang — Mira Welirang-Salim
Cucu — Cucu Menantu:
Melissa Welirang — Jemmy Chayadi
Jessica Welirang — ErmanTjiputra
Deynica Welirang —
Cicit :
Shayna Netania Tjiputra
Lucius Armand Welirang Tjiputra
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