Family tree of S. Mengga

Family tree of S. Mengga

Syarifah Aisah Mengga Khadijah

Family tree of S. Mengga

Syarifah Aisah Mengga Khadijah

Aisah is married to the Islamic scholar Umar Shihab. Umar Shihab is the uncle of the journalist Najwa Shihab. See her family tree here.

They have six children incl. Ary Iftikhar Shihab

Salim S. Mengga

Salim S. Mengga has three children:

Mega Kamila Salim 
Erfan Kamil
Amira Kamil

Aladin S. Mengga

Aladin S. Mengga is married to Fauziah Maricar.


Ahmad Fauzi Aladin S.M 
Adiba Fadlia Aladin S.M 
Muhammad Fadjri Aladin S.M

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