Family tree of Al-Waleed bin Talal

Prince Talal married four times. He first married Umm Faisal, who is the mother of Faisal. He later divorced her.[citation needed]

Next he married the Princess Mona Al Solh, the daughter of Riad Al Solh, the first prime minister of Lebanon Their children are Prince Al WaleedPrince Khalid and Princess Reema. They married in September 1954.[41] The marriage collapsed in 1962; they remained separated until their divorce in 1968.[39] One of his brother-in-laws was Prince Abdellah, the brother of King Hassan II. Prince Talal hired one professor from the University of Houston and an instructor to teach English, psychology and Western civilization to his daughter Reema, who was 18 years old, in Riyadh in 1976.

His third wife was Moudie bint Abdul Mohsen Al Angari.She is the mother of TurkiSara and Noura. They later divorced. She died in 2008.[44]

Lastly, he was married to Magdah bint Turki Al Sudairi, daughter of former Human Rights Commission President Turki bin Khaled Al Sudairi.

Prince Talal had fifteen children, nine sons and six daughters. His sons are Faisal (died 1991), Al Waleed, Khalid, Turki, Abdulaziz, Abdul Rahman, Mansour, Mohammed and Mashour. His daughters are Reema, Sara, Noura, Al Jawhara, Hibatallah and Maha. His daughter Sara claimed political asylum in the United Kingdom over fears for her safety in Saudi Arabia on 7 July 2012.


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