Dexter Morgan’s family tree

Dexter Morgan’s family tree

Dexter is Showtime series.

Dexter Morgan’s family tree

Dexter is a crime drama mystery Showtime series that aired from 2006 to 2013. It was derived from Jeff Lindsay’s novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter and adapted by James Manos Jr. In October 2020, it was announced that Dexter would return as a 10 episodes limited series.

Dexter’s family tree

Harry Morgan is Dexter’s adopted father who found him in a crime scene and took him as his own at age three. He identified Dexters’ psychopathic tendencies from a young age and taught him to suppress those urges by focusing on killing criminals that escaped the judiciary system. He died 10 years prior from suicide but reoccurs in Dexter's internal monologue. Dexter refers to his code of conduct, Harry’s Code to resolve difficult decisions and cover his life.

Doris Morgan dies of Cancer when Debra was 12. She always had her suspicion that Dexter was not considered normal like other children.

Laura Moser, the biological mother of Brian and Dexter. She was a former drug user turned confidential informant for the police. She helped Harry collect evidence against Hector Estrada but once the drug dealers found out, she was brutally murdered in front of her children. Harry and Brian witnessed this scene and became permanently damaged and the trauma triggered a murderous urge in them.

Brian Moser is Dexter’s biological brother and lived under the alias of Rudy Cooper. He begins a killing spree and dismembers bodies after draining their blood. He was Debra Morgan’s lover and hid in plain sight. He is very intelligent and succeeds in dodging the police, con Dexter and even trick Debra into loving him. He still recalls the traumatic event than occurred with his mother and goes out to make Dexter remember it. He was admitted to Tampa hospital where he studied ways to mask his true self and blend in society.

Dexter Morgan was adopted by Harry Morgan, a police officer. Later in the show, Dexter married Rita Bennet. He is the antihero of the series and an elusive serial killer named “The Bay Harbor Butcher”. He targets and kills other murderers according to Harry’s Code. He works as a homicide detective and forensic specialist this being able to avoid the police and use the police database for his personal advantage. He starts to date Rita to blend in with society but later starts caring for her and his stepchildren. Dark Passenger is an essential aspect of him, inner thinking that urges him to kill and gets restless if not heeded.

Debra Morgan is the adopted sister of Dexter and works for Maimi Metro Homicide. She and Dexter frequently hunt the same person but her intent is to bring them to justice unlike Dexter’s need to just satisfy the Dark Passenger and provides the voice of conscience and justice in the series. She became a Homicide Detective to follow in her father’s footsteps and moved up the rank from Vice, Detective and then Lieutenant. She is an influential person in his life and enhances his “human side”. Dexter’s love for his sister shines through when he unplugged her life support as an act of mercy.

Harrison Morgan, Dexter and Rita’s son progresses from a three-month-old baby to a kid. He lost his mother in front of his eyes, killed by the Trinity Killer and as the season progresses showcased similar as Dexter. This started to worry Dexter and he sought out give structure in his son’s life. But after Debra’s death, Harrison left him to the care of Hannah, faked his death in a hurricane and moved to an unknown location to protect his son.

Rita Bennet’s family tree

Rita Bennett also Rita Morgan after marrying Dexter. She had two children's from her first marriage to Paul Bennett, Cody Bennet and Astor Bennett. She was naive and completely unaware of Dexter’s nature at first. but started picking up on his lies and eccentric behaviour. They briefly broke up when she taught he was cheating on her with Lila but got back together again when Dexter apologized for his infidelity. Their relationship got better and the two eventually married and had a son together. But she was murdered by Trinity Killer, to send a message to Dexter.

Gail Brandon is a schoolteacher in Ashley, Michigan but was compelled to take early retirement because of her overtly severe teaching manner. She is very sceptical of anyone and a controlling person. She opposes of Rita’s relationship with Dexter and is convinced he is a drug addict just like Paul.

Paul Bennett was a manipulative rapist and frequently abused Rita. Astor called the police on him and he was sentenced to prison but released shortly. He disliked Dexter and pestered Rita to leave him which led Dexter to frame him, He was soon arrested and sent back to prison where he died due to another prisoner.

Cody Bennett is Rita’s son and displays innocence and showcases great admiration for Dexter. After his mother died, he displayed a normal stag
e of grief but moves on and makes peace with it.

Astor Bennett is Rita’s daughter and starts out as a young girl and grows into adolescence throughout the series. She was the maid of honour at Dexter and Rita’s wedding and even views him as a father figure. When Rita gets killed, she blames him for the situation and moves to Orlando with Cody to live with their grandparents but later reconciles with him again.


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