Danish royal family — ancestry

Below the family tree of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

Margrethe II of Denmark first son is Frederik

The Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have four children
– Prince Christian
– Princess Isabella
– Prince Vincent
– Princess Josephine

Margrethe II of Denmark is the Queen of Denmark and commander-in-chief on the Danish Defence. She became an heir to the throne when a constitutional amendment allowed women to inherit it. She became the first female monarch upon the father death and married a French diplomat, Henri de Laborde de Monpezat. She is an accomplished painter and under the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer, her illustrations were used for The Lord of The Rings, Danish edition. She is skilled in costume designing and also designs her own clothes and is known for her eccentric choices.

Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark is the first Danish monarch male consort and retired from his royal duties on 2016. He is also a keen winemaker and owns a wine estate in France. He was deeply interested in art and culture and wrote many poems in French which were published in the collections of Chemin faisant (1982). He was also an excellent cook and shared how he prepared the meals, Fredensborg Castle, on television.

Crown Prince Frederik is the heir to the throne of Denmark. He has a keen interest in research, climate change and sustainability. He was one of the writers of Polartokt Kongelig (Polar Cruise Royal), concerning the difficulties of climate change, published in 2009. He is also a patron of scientific research projects and supports through his foundation, Kronprins Frederiks. He is also a patron of various sports organizations and encourages an active lifestyle. He founded the Crown Prince Frederik’s Foundation, that provides financial assistance to students studying social or political science besides funding scientific expedition and sports purposes.

Crown Princess Mary is the next Queen of Denmark. She met the Prince at the Slip Inn pub in Sydney during the 2000 Summer Olympics. Their official engagement was in 2003 and was attributed as a modern “fairytale” romance by the public. In 2019, it was stated that Mary will serve as the patron for World Pride Copenhagen 2021, making her the first royal patron to serve in a major LGBT event. Vanity Fair has also named her as one of the most fashionable people under their International Best-Dressed List. She has played an essential role in advocating for anti-bullying programmes in Australia and also boosted awareness among Danes about skin cancer through The Danish Cancer Society. In 2007, she formally authorized the Mary Foundation, to encourage cultural diversity and upheld the right of belonging among those that were socially secluded.

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