Bouvier Family

Bouvier Family

Pépé Bouvier shipped out with the Merchant Marines and married Bambi Bouvier. According to Bambi, the song Brandy was based on his life…

Marge Simpson (Bouvier’s) Family Tree

Pépé Bouvier shipped out with the Merchant Marines and married Bambi Bouvier. According to Bambi, the song Brandy was based on his life and Selma sung it to Lisa Simpson as a lullaby.

Bambi Bouvier was a flapper during her youth. She also smoked and has a drinking predicament. She tried to hide it by buying a Confederate themes Liquor Lad whisket bottle and claimed it was a family heirloom dated from the Civil War.

Clancy Bouvier is a chain smoker similar to Patty and Selma. He is the only family member of Bouvier that does not disapprove of Homer’s marriage with his daughter. He was one of the earliest male flight attendants but was ashamed of it. He had also served in teh United States Navy and developed a swearing problem because of it.

Jacqueline Bouvier is a widower and lives in Hal Roach Apartments. She has a similar personality to Selma and Patty and used to smoke as well but has quit the habit. She had a brief courtship with Grampa Simpson, but she broke up with him once she was wooed by billionaire Charles Montgomery Burns.

Alvarine Gurney disapproved of both Jacqueline’s and Marge’s choice of partner. She has a raspy voice to her even though she doesn't smoke and possess very poor eyesight.

Gladys Gurney died of bowel obstruction and a funeral was held with Simpsons along with Jacqueline, Patty and Selma in attendance. She was not rich but in teh reading of her will, she passed her potato chips collection to Marge, her pert iguana to Jacqueline and her grandfather clock that chimes about the dangers of spinsterhood to Patty and Selma.

Selma Bouvier has a raspy voice due to smoking and has been married 6 times (though the one with Fit-Fat-Tony was a lie) and has shallow standards when it comes to men. She works at the Department of Motor Vehicle alongside her sister and hates Homer. She adopted Ling Bouvier and inherited deceased Aunt Gladys’s Iguana. She has a manical love for the television show MacGyver and has an interest in travelling. She and her sister tried to quite smoking but relapse again.

Ling Bouvier was adopted by Selma and is one of the characters to grow in the series. She was a baby during her first appearance and then appeared slightly older. She displayed manual dexterity, walking and even could utter complete sentences.

Patty Bouvier or Patricia Maleficent “Patty” Bouvier is the cynical chain smoking twin-sister to Selma. They both work at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and have a strong dislike for their brother-in-law, Homer. Patty is teh middle child among the three siblings and is a lesbian and showcased tomboy tendencies as a child. She was engaged to Veronica, a professional golf player but the duo broke once Patty realised that Veronica was actually a man.

Marge Simpson is married to Homer and depicted as a kind and loving mom and wife. She is protective of her family and deeply cares about everyone. But occasionally showcases explosive outbursts of anger and doesn’t admit her wrongdoings. She has juggled various careers ranging from Mayor of Springfield, female bodybuilder and even founder and creator of Shapes, a gym for females. Througout her relationship with Homer they have experienced minor bumps and have divorced and re-married three times.

Sideshow Bob or Dr. Robert Underdunk “Bob” Terwilliger, Jr. is the secondary antagonist of the show. He was a sidekick to Krusty the Clown and also was awarded an Emmy for for his role on The Krusty the Clown Show. He started a relationship with Selma when he took part in a prison dating service. After being discharged from the prison her proposed and married Selma. But to acquire the money Selma had made in the stock market, he tried to kill her by blowing up their hotel room. His plans were thwarted and he went to prison once again.

Lionel Hutz and also goes by Miguel Sanchez, and Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc, He is a lawyer in Springfield and is desperate for cases. He was Selma’s their husband.

Troy McClure is based off stereotypical B-Grade Hollywood has been. He had a successful career in the 70s,,but due to a peculiar reported paraphilia about him, his career went downhill. He began a relationship with Selma to cover this. To further revive his career he proposed to Selma which the latter found out but still stuck by him. But she drew the line when he suggested to bring a kid into the sham.

Disco Stu is a disco aficionado and the owner of Stu’s Disco. Before becoming a disco fan, he was Nautical Stu because of his work as a sea captain. He speaks of himself in a third-person point of view. He is Selma’s fourth husband.

Grampa Simpson is a World War II veteran and ends up falling in love with Selma when they were babysitting the children. The duo briefly married but had to call it off because of his age and her career.

Fit-Fat Tony is married but takes Selma as his official mistress (goomar) But the later mistakes the word as another title for a wife in Italian. He used to be fit, but after inheriting his cousin’s position as the mob boss of Springfield he stress eats and gains weight. He looks similar to Fat Tony now.


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