Benny Subianto’s family tree

Benny Subianto’s family tree

Benny Subianto has three children:

Benny Subianto’s family tree

Benny Subianto, was a “corporate veteran” who helped build Astra. He died in January 2017 at the age of 74.

He has three children:

Arini Saraswati Subianto

Arini Saraswati Subiant married to Andre J Mamuaya

Andre J Mamuaya was born in Jakarta, July 19, 1970, he died in August 2012 due to an accident at 12.30. He later died in the hospital MRCCC Siloam Semanggi Hospital. Andre leaves his wife and two sons, Azaria Rafi Mamuaya (9) and Azel Rasyid Mamuaya (7). (source)

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