The Sackler family tree

The Sackler family is an American family, known for founding and owning the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma. Purdue Pharma has faced extensive criticism and lawsuits regarding overprescription of pharmaceutical drugs, mainly Oxycontin contribuiting to the Opoid crisis in America.

The full tree can be seen here.

Family of Isaac Sackler

Mortimer Sackler’s family tree

Raymond Sackler

Raymond Sackler’s family tree

List of members:

Isaac Sackler and Sophie Greenberg
Arthur Sackler, (1913–1987), married Else Finnich Jorgensen 1934 and divorced, married Marietta Lutze 1949 and divorced, and Jillian Lesley Tully 1981 until death
Carol Master
Elizabeth Sackler
Michael Sackler-Berner
Arthur Felix Sackler
Denise Marika
Mortimer Sackler (1916–2010) obtained British citizenship and renounced American citizenship. Married Theresa Elizabeth Rowling (born 1949) in 1980 until her death, married Gertraud (Gheri) Wimmer in 1969 and divorced, married Muriel Lazarus (1917–2009) and divorced.
Ilene Sackler Lefcourt (married Gerald B. Lefcourt and divorced)
Kathe Sackler (spouse Susan Shack Sackler)
Robert Mortimer Sackler (d. 1975)
Mortimer A. Sackler (married Jaqueline Sackler)
Samantha Sophia Sackler Hunt
Marissa Sackler
Sophie Sackler (married Jamie Dalrymple)
Michael Sackler
Raymond Sackler (1920–2017), married Beverly Feldman in 1944 until death Beverly died in October 2019, aged 95
Richard Sackler, born 1945, married Beth Sackler and divorced.
David Sackler (married Joss Sackler)
Marianna Sackler (married James Frame)
Jonathan Sackler (1955–2020)
Clare Sackler
Madeleine Sackler
Miles Sackler

Members of the Sackler Family (Source)

Benjamin J. Shack Sackler
Year of Birth: 1994
Beverly Feldman Sackler
Year of Birth: 1924
Clare E. Sackler
Year of Birth: 1985
David Alfons Sackler
Year of Birth: 1980
Dylan Weston Sackler Hunt
Year of Birth: 2000
Ilene Sackler Lefcourt
Year of Birth: 1946
Jacqueline B. Sackler, aka Jacqueline B. Pugh Sackler
Year of Birth: 1976
James Edward Frame
Year of Birth: 1982
James William Murray Dalrymple, aka Jamie Dalrymple
Year of Birth: 1981
Jaseleen A. Ruggles, aka Jaseleen A. Sackler, aka Joss A. Sackler
Year of Birth: 1984
Jeffrey M. Lefcourt
Year of Birth: 1972
John Francis Weston Hunt
Year of Birth: 1963
Jonathan D. Sackler
Year of Birth: 1955
Julia H. Shack Sackler, aka Julia H. Shack
Year of Birth: 1996
Kathe A. Sackler
Year of Birth: 1948
Madeleine C. Sackler
Year of Birth: 1983
Marianna Rose Frame, aka Marianna Rose Sackler
Year of Birth: 1983
Marissa T. Sackler
Year of Birth: 1980
Mary B. Corson, aka Mary B. Sackler
Year of Birth: 1955
Mortimer David Alfons Sackler
Year of Birth: 1971
Rebecca Kate Sackler
Year of Birth: 1989
Richard Stephen Sackler
Year of Birth: 1945
Samantha Sophia Sackler, aka Samantha Sophia Hunt
Year of Birth: 1968
Sophie Fiona Sackler
Year of Birth: 1983
Susan Amalia Shack Sackler
Year of Birth: 1954
Theresa Elizabeth Sackler, aka Dame Theresa Elizabeth Sackler
Year of Birth: 1949

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